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Torque Measurements

ARkival’s Torque Measurements are performed with a MicroSense VSM employing an ultra-low friction, air bearing suspending the sample with virtually zero friction. The resulting torque measurement reports the actual force on the sample. All pre-measurement calibrations are directly based upon a known torque sample. ARkival’s magnetic torque measurements can accommodate solid, bulk, and thin film samples with a torque measurement capability from 0.05 dyne-cm to 500 dyne-cm depending upon the sample magnetics, applied field, sample type and size.

Direct Magnetic torque measurements can, in some samples be more sensitive than SQUID magnetometry as our direct torque measurement is more precise and more sensitive than an indirect vector coil-based torque system.

Whereas torque is a measure of the sample’s magnetic or shape anisotropy, the magnetic torque measurement can detect magnetic phase transitions or quantum oscillations. Under certain conditions, the sample magnetization can also be extracted from the measured torque.

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