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Magnetic Field Mapping

Magnetic Field Mapping

Many magnet applications use permanent magnets or electromagnets to provide a magnetic field for an attractive or repulsive interaction. Magnetic field data is required for product designs and applications where product function is based upon magnetic strength, the magnetized pole geometry, the external field shape and magnitude at the working distance(s) in the application. A magnetic field map can provide the effective magnetic field characteristics of application magnet(s).

ARkival performs field mapping measurements to determine magnetic field forces, field directions and distributions, and magnetic edge effects. Planar-probes or edge-directed Hall probes are used with a custom designed micrometer measurement mapping fixture to provide 3Dimensional micrometer and/or robotic-stepped planar field maps. The resulting field maps provide both the shape and magnitude of the magnetic field at different points and in 3 planar surfaces as well as at varying distances from the primary magnetic source.

Field Measurements & Distance mapping

Magnetic field data can be collected in 1, 2 or 3 data planes (X, Y & Z) at both the magnet center and magnet edges. The application magnets are positioned in a non-magnetic stand custom-machined for these measurements. The Hall-effect probes are mounted in a 3D micrometer
station providing accurate dimensional stepping in 3-planar directions. Hall-effect probes are periodically calibrated with 2 traceable
reference magnets throughout the measurement collection.

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