Magnetics, Magnetics, Magnetics

The foundation of everything we do is magnetics-whether it’s magnetic measurements, magnetic products, magnetic applications or magnetic theory, ARkival is the company you need to know… Our people have the experience and know-how to address your needs from simple magnets to complex magnetic nanoparticles and all the practical knowledge and theory to get you results and to get them quickly.

  • Magnetic Measurements
  • Technology, Research & Development
  • Consulting & Contracts

Magnetic Measurements

From the magnetic domains to the particles, to the powders, fluids, and vapor deposited materials… to the thin films, solids, and dispersions… to the plating’s, coatings, tracers…. to the products, production and applications, ARkival Technology is your source of magnetic expertise.

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One of several ARkival’s Vibrating Sample Magnetometers

Technology R&D

ARkival is the largest independent provider of  magnetic fluid measurements with specific measurement expertise in pharmaceutical and medical applications including NMR contrast agents, therapeutic delivery, molecular carriers  and genomic magnetic beads.

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Using sized-MNP’s for monitoring cancer cell functions

Consulting & Contracts

ARkival is a Full Service Technology Company providing clients with solutions to simple and complex problems. Our talented and very experienced team of scientists, technology application experts and business professionals provide cost effective solutions and innovative applications to a new, returning and continually growing customer base.

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Magnetic Hysteresis via Vibrating Sample Magnetometry