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ARkival’s Magnetic field mapping service provides fast access to visual Magnetic Field Maps with accuracy, repeatability and reduced data acquisition. Magnetic Field data collection is based upon NIST certified reference standards and conventional field calibrations for both AC and DC generated Fields.

Precision robotic equipment is used for magnetic field data access and collection and programmed into a visual map of the magnetic field in a color-coded 2D or 3D visual isometric display and an accompanying table of numerical values containing the magnetic field of each field point. 


  • Field mapping can be performed on magnetic fields from permanent magnets, activated electromagnets, and electronic PCB’s and semiconductor chips and wafers, when accessible.
  • Data can be obtained in single planes and/or three-dimensional planes with components of the magnetic field measured simultaneously with either AC and/or DC field sensors.
  • Graphic visualization and analysis of the magnetic fields can be determined from permanent magnets of different sizes and geometries as well as DC and AC transformers, coils and toroids.
  • Each field map  is tailored to your magnetic requirements for field strength and geometry using a selectable number of planar field measurements.

About AC & DC Magnetic Field Mapping Services

We deliver high resolution mapping of magnetic fields from permanent magnets, activated electromagnets, PCBs and semiconductor chips.


Maps of the magnetic field are multi- colored,  2D or 3D representations that  include a table of numerical data for each of the magnetic field measurement points identified by their x, y and z position.

Graphic Visualizations of all 3D components of the magnetic field (Bx, By, and Bz) at magnetic edges, corners, and odd geometries that include single and multi-pole magnetic fields-in both attractive and repulsive modes and zero crossings.


DC or AC Magnetic fields are measured with either a planar probe or a 3-axis probe where three planar components of the field are measured simultaneously and with various probes sized for customized applications.

Data collection is done with precision sized Hall probes for DC fields and coil probes, for AC data.

Scanning profiles, aerial field regions and specific data points can be customized to client requirements.

A proprietary, precision Robotic unit provides continuous motion and control for field measurements from all 3 axes (X, Y, Z)-positions.


Robotic array measurements provide fast probe positioning and re-positioning with the excellent accuracy and repeatability, while performed with periodic test probe calibrations.