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Magnetic Thermal Annealing (MTA)

ARkival’s Magnetic Thermal Annealing (MTA) process is used to enhance the performance of  magnetic materials and components. During their manufacture, preparation and processing the crystalline and magnetic  structures of these materials can assume moderate to high degrees of disorder.  The process of controlled  magnetic thermal annealing can remove these disorders and can often provide substantially improved magnetic performance of the materials and even their devices (e.g., spintronic devices).

The heating a magnetic material above its recrystallization temperature in a magnetic field and then cooling will allow atom migration within the crystal lattice such that the number of dislocation sites decreases, leading to the change in magnetic properties and at times, their ductility and hardness.

Magnetic materials such as  metals (in different shapes and forms… wires, foils and plates), powders and thin films can be thermally treated in temperatures up to 900˚C  in a uniform magnetic field (as high as 2.5 Tesla) and in an inert gas environment for MTA processing.

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