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Remanence, Retentivity or Remanent Magnetization

Note magnetic parameter Retentivity,

Remanence , remanent magnetization, Retentivity  or residual magnetism is the magnetization left behind in a ferromagnetic material (such as iron) after an external magnetic field is removed. After certain classes of magnet material are “magnetized” they have remanence. The remanence of magnetic materials provides the magnetic memory in magnetic storage devices, and in common magnets or easily magnetized materials. In cases where where Remanence is unwanted, it can be removed by applying a negative inducing field in a proocess often called degaussing.

In magnetic studies and applications, ARkivak measures and reports residual magnetization using a VSM Magnetometer.  The magnitude or strength of the material remanence is used to characterize permanent magnets; Neodymium magnets, for example, have a remanence approximately equal to 1.3 teslas

The default definition of magnetic remanence is the magnetization remaining in zero field after a large magnetic field is applied (enough to achieve saturation).

Source: Wikipedia

Remote AC Magnetic Field Applications

Application Measurements include Field data and corresponding frequency measurements for inductive coils, transformer coils and windings, flat coils, vapor deposited materials and Automotive device applications, remote communication and remote charging applications.

Using both manual AC testers and/or AC robotic testers ARkival can measure and report AC magnetic fields emanating  from AC sources in both in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional designs and products. Field reports can be used to substantiate Finite Element calculations and results as well as produced graphic plane-plane reports that include individual field data and frequencies, Magnetic Energy plots and specific point -point Magnetic Energy values.

ARkival calibrates AC field data reporting with a variable Helmholtz coil array designed for AC Field data over different bandwidth specta.