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Geomagnetic Measurements & Air Transport Standards

ARkival Technology performs Magnetic Field testing of magnet-contained products designated for both domestic and international air shipments.  Such products are required to be magnetically source-distance-tested (and labeled ) for compliance to the required ICAO & IATA 1 specifications.

The resulting source-distance data must demonstrate magnetic fields less than the maximum value specified by ICOA & IATA documents at the seven (7’) foot and fifteen (15’) foot distances for all packaged and non-packaged products containing magnets.  ARkival’s testing process delivers actual and simulated worst-case magnetic field measurements to determine the cumulative field effect (magnetic field strength and magnetic polarity) of the magnets, magnetic products and/or magnetic materials at required planes and distances.

ARkival’s Testing includes…

Project Description for testing, evaluating and certifying shipping cartons containing Magnets and/or Magnetic devices for compliance to the ICAO guidelines for the safe transport by air.


Reference Documents: 

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and regulations for aviation safety, security, efficiency, regularity and aviation environmental protection.

ICAO standards and other provisions: Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)

  •  Packing instruction: reformatted packing instructions (effective 1 January 2011) v; 6 P141 (17/10/2008) 2– and subsequent releases.
  •   Technical instructions for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air: 2011-2016 edition doc9284-an/905 add #3.crr. #2 26/4/11 and subsequent releases.
  •   IATA- Dangerous Goods Regulations- Magnetic products


Specific Testing

ARkival’s test procedures address this class of materials on Passenger and Cargo aircraft designated as UN 2807, Magnetized material

Measurements determine the magnetic field strength at the both distances of 2.1 m (7 ft.) and 4.6 m (15 ft.) from any point on any surface of the individually packaged units in 360 degree rotations in two planes.

For compliance, magnetic field readings resulting from tested product(s) at both specified distances and orientations should not exceed 0.159 A/m and 0.418 A/m respectively.

Measurement Equipment

All magnetic field measurements are made with Hall Effect probes with either linear or transverse sensors 3.
The laboratory test area for magnetic measurement is free from magnetic interference other than the earth’s magnetic field (~ 5 milliGauss-mG at the EW measurement (geographic) location when minimized).

The primary Hall effect Gaussmeters are all Geomagnetometers with calibrated Probe Reference Standards. Distance measurements are all
supported by a Class IIIA Laser Tape.


1 ICAO- International Civil Aviation Organization ( & IATA- International Air Transport Association ( Collection Documents/Documents/IATA Refomatted Packing

3 The use of a highly sensitive, CMOS technology Hall probes for these measurements requires additional humidity and stray
earth field shielding during testing.