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Hall Effect Measurements

ARkival has an extensive range of different types, sizes and configurations of Hall effect probes. Contact us at 603.881.3322 for more information.

ALSO See magnetic probe Discussions in sections on Magnet Magnetic Fields AND Geomagnetic Field Measurements

Hysteresis Loop Measurements

Note magnetic parameters of Coercivity, Saturation & Remanence

The Magnetic Hysteresis loop is the most important and significant data graph resulting from the testing of magnetic Materials and their properties. The Hysteresis loop is obtained using a precision magnetometer (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer[VSM]) using NIST and other standardized references and materials to assure relevancy of reported data for client samples.

Data available from the Hysteresis loop report from the sample measurements are several key magnetic properties… Coercivity, Saturation and Remanence, etc.

ARkival always provides Excel versions of the measured data for use in different types of magnetic analysis  programs.

Our data reporting system also has the capability of reporting your sample data in any standardized unit systems. The unit reporting request must be provided ARkival prior to the sample testing.