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ARkival Technology is in the magnetic consulting business and has, for many years consulted for an extensive list of many small and large businesses, Universities, Government Agencies and Medical institutions. Our world-wide clientele are actively involved in the research, development and use of magnetic materials and products AND the devices and device technologies that sense them, use them, manufacture them, read them and even digest them.

Our consulting experience spans from magnetic thin film devices to ultra-high speed, high density magnetic recording media, credit cards and magnetic turnpike cards and readers. We have done consulting on card encryption systems, banknote readers, go/no-go sensors and digital rotation monitors, satellite components, stealth paint, magnets, FAA Shipping compliance regulations as well as currency printing inks, magnetic threads and numerous types of magnetic sensors and filters. We have consulted in magnetic microwave applications, high temperature magnetic studies, Magnetic annealing and Curie temperature measurements. We have also participated extensively in research and development programs involving magnetic nanoparticles for MRI contrast studies, targeted drug-delivery and diagnostic applications.



ARkival Technology Corporation is an certified SBA Small Business vendor to the Federal Government. We are a classified small business supplying  professional services and development products for varied information technology applications.

ARkival Contract Number:            GS-35F-0611L

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